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Our Story





Unpaved Athleisure carries a collection of activewear, loungewear, and lifestyle and wellness products from purpose-driven and positive brands.

Our mission— to spread kindness through thought and action, to be open to new ideas and practices, and to constantly evolve and grow as we learn something new each day.

Unpaved stems from a girl’s love of shopping, traveling, nature and animals, a family with nothing but unconditional support and love, friends whose support and laughter fuel this company, and customers like you who not only want to look their best but feel their best.

Unpaved is for the movers and shakers, wanderers and jet-setters, daydreamers and planners. It’s for anyone looking to feel good to look good. Unpaved is a home of products that will inspire movement and play, coffee breaks and girls’ nights, self-care and adventures. Living an unpaved life isn’t easy, but it always ends up being worth it.

Always at a crossroads of loving to shop but seeking meaning— Unpaved provides you with both.